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This site will serve as a resource and a tool.  With this website, you can find useful information, discussions, photos, signed books, booking, and any other questions you may have.  
This website is useful information for cultural aspects of indigenous people.  Other cultures, indigenous people, educators, and basically anyone can add discussions to anything.

Note:  Information will be exclusive to my way of being raised. "No way is the right way" is the way I was raised, and to respect everyone's beliefs/practices/cultures. Any discussions can be slapped on the blog.


Well the book has launched. Everything is going fine. Busy, but spending time with my family. I was given some hate today, which is totally understandable. It was expected. I tried reaching out to you, but the email was deleted. Read my blog for more info. 
Overall, it feels like a good dream with a bad part that tries to kill the feeling. Enjoy the reading.


Warning: the first 8 chapters are difficult, but changes into a more beautiful story. I raised my pipe today praying for good things for the readers.

Canada Book Awards Winner.png


My first little award! Also, book is being entered into the Saskatchewan Book Awards with more to follow!

The Canada Book Awards program recognizes and promotes Canadian author outstanding accomplishment. The Canada Book Awards is an ongoing book assessment program that honours Canadian authors regardless of when their books and/or eBooks were published


ISKOCĒS TIPISKAK (A Spark in the Dark) is a thoughtfully written, compellingly honest and immensely interesting memoir of life as an indigenous man in Saskatchewan that brims with integrity and inspiration. John Langan’s journey saw him overcome significant hurdles to become a highly respected member of the Canadian Police Force and military, while nurturing and preserving his cultural and spiritual identity.



An Indigenous Canadian of Ojibway and Cree descent presents a debut memoir and a guide to spirituality. Langan, a military veteran and police officer, presents a multipart book for multiple audiences. First, this book is the author’s memoir of growing up as a member of the First Nations and how he later struggled with alcoholism and trouble with the law. He also dealt with family members’ suicide attempts and drug-related deaths, which are recounted in passages that some readers might find difficult to read.

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