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John is an award winning author and speaks professionally to thousands of people nationwide on a story of resilience, intergenerational residential school trauma, and the ability to overcome obstacles in life through perseverance and determination. He is a soldier, police officer, traditional knowledge/language keeper, and most importantly a husband and father. John is driven to share the beauty of indigenous culture and ceremony. His story will motivate and build resilient leaders and organizations.



John shares his story of starting at the bottom of life, while losing everything around him. John overcomes blatant racism, poverty, violence, alcohol and a drug ridden environment. John shares his story of holding his cultural identity close to him, and the key to success is having an identity, culture, and a language. Through powerful storytelling, John puts you in his shoes to feel what he experienced, and what the audience can do to help move forward to better indigenous relations.

Attendees will learn:

  • The indigenous experience, and the effects of intergenerational trauma from residential schools

  • Inspiration and motivation from John’s personal stories, and his unique way of delivery of these stories

  • Leadership stories from John’s experiences in the military and police

  • A guide on what the attendee can do to facilitate change in todays world that is positive and uplifting


John’s unique cultural presentation showcases the bright aspects of indigenous culture. John explains the intricacies and uniqueness of Indigenous Canada. Focusing on acknowledging the past, but focusing on the future. Participants will get a first hand experience smudging together, and speaking openly with participants about Indigenous practices and beliefs. Showcases language, culture and spirituality in a down to earth presentation which opens up every participant to sharing and asking questions.

Attendees will learn:

  • Deep insights into indigenous culture, activating  language and practicing spirituality

  • Educating about the importance of indigenous spirituality and belief system

  • Creating awareness on how to be respectful towards one another, and creating a better

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