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A question for readers before the book releases. What do you expect to be in the book?

The book is pretty much ready for release, but I need as much 'hype' as I can get before I release it. I'm not too big into social medias, but have updated myself with the new way of doing things in lieu of 2010-2011 Social Medias.

The main question I have is : What do you expect to take away from the reading of my book from what you have learned so far of what's in it?

I'm recording for an audio book, and I sit here doubting myself that it will do any good. Not looking for pity per se, just the thoughts of the content, and the cultural stuff that is in it. As I re-read it, and re-read it over and over, I think of the people it may 'offend', but the people it will 'help' will greatly outnumber that. I have people reaching out to me from N.B, N.W.T, and even the officer who arrested me during one of my chapters reaching out to me. It's surreal, but is a confirmation of the things I have done growing up.

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