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Iskocēs Tipiskak: A Spark in the Dark

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

This marks the beginning of the website. You are welcome to discuss any matters of the book where you may have questions. In the future, I'll have discussions on each chapter, and answer any questions you may have about my book. In the meantime, maybe this webpage won't have anyone visit. I'm just following the advice of mentors that advise me to do the things I'm told to do (I'm a soldier, so I'm inclined to listen blindly).

To start it off the title of the book is based off of my son's indigenous name that was given to him in a night-lodge when he was in my wife's belly. He was named Iskocēs (Little Fire), English is so messed that it can be interpreted as a 'spark'. The previous title was Resiliency: My Nose Above Water. I noticed the term 'Resiliency' was being thrown around everywhere, so I utilized the language to further empower our beautiful indigenous ways!

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