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Residential School/Day School Inter-generational Trauma

I always believed in constantly advocating, and teaching people about the effects of Residential School/Day School. I am so happy I spoke about them in my book last year. My dad always spoke to me about the effects it had on him, and how he acknowledged the trauma, but focused on living in the present, and focusing efforts on the future.

The effects are felt today, and are finally at the forefront of the media now. They were back earlier, and the stories were told but were patched up with a bandaid for a huge gaping scar in Canada's history. I'm focusing on efforts on coming to an understanding of each other, and trying to create a better world to live in.

Both my parents went to Residential School and Day School. My late brother Tyrone went to Lebret Residential School before its closure. My parents hid alot of trauma, and dealt with it in their own ways. They opened up to some stories that happened to them, and helped me understand, at a young age, what was happening. My dad taught me that you have a huge generational gap that lack parenting skills, which was the importance of LOVE. My dad pushed passed this trauma for the betterment of the future, and hugged, consoled, kissed us when my brothers and I were in dark stages in our lives. I'm happy he did this, and now I understand how far my dad thought to prepare us to be not only men, but also parents in the future who knew how to love their children and help them too become loving adults who have a language, culture, and a spirituality.

This book will help understand this inter-generational trauma, and I hope the pages show a common indigenous struggle right in our backyard of Canada.

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