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The easiest part of this whole process was writing the book. It only took me a couple weeks to write this story totaling 220pgs in Microsoft Word (397pages when you cram it into a 6x9 book). That was hard, I admit, but now that I'm dealing with bookstores, expenses, cold-calling, emails, distribution, news coverage, podcasts, it all gets to be overwhelming at times.

This morning I did a story with Global Saskatoon, and it was beautiful. I also did podcasts with Our Native Land, Saskatoon YXE Underground, and Spring Spirit. Those were interesting talks, and I find myself evolving with my interviews. The big guns are starting to come out, and I only see it growing from here.

I get home after another interview, and started speaking to bookstores. I have to have my pitch ready at a moments notice, and I can hear it in peoples voices, "Good grief, a self-published author." Once I start saying that I have endorsements, book launch army, news coverage, website, media kits, audiobook, and a distribution plan the tone changes. Sometimes, it's the opposite...I reached out to reservation gas stations, because that is where my target audience is (indigenous youth). It's hard convincing them, but I pray before I call and hope for the best. After I pitch my jazzy book, they are interested.

Only one reservation gas station in Saskatoon was hard to deal with and told me no. I took that no as motivation to keep on keeping on. I know once they see all my efforts with news stories, website, media kits, podcasts, and book stores carrying my book they will be sorry they told me no. The thing I keep in my mind is, 'the worst they can say is no'. Instead I was met with, "No we don't that, we sell wooden flutes and beadwork only from local artists." I said, "I am from Saskatoon, and just so your aware, you're the only rez gas station that said no." I just said, "Have a great day ma'am." I was pissed initially, but know she will see the error of her ways once she sees how far my book will go. I will forever remember her as the person who motivated me to work even harder.

I have pre-orders coming in steady, and I am getting nervous as each day approaches. I want to keep my book at home-life, and not carry it to my other jobs. I am almost done, and then the real job starts of doing presentations. Bring it on.

Back to cold-calling rez gas stations. I tell myself daily listening to J.Coles song 'Snow on tha Bluff':

"...I would say it's more effective to treat people like children

Understandin' the time and love and patience that's needed to grow

This change is inevitable but ain't none of us seen this before

Therefore we just gotta learn everything as we go..."

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