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John is an award winning author and speaks professionally to thousands of people nationwide on a story of resilience, intergenerational residential school trauma, and the ability to overcome obstacles in life through perseverance and determination. He is a soldier, police officer, traditional knowledge/language keeper, and most importantly a husband and father. John is driven to share the beauty of indigenous culture and ceremony. His story will motivate and build resilient leaders and organizations.



What They’re Saying

Wab Kinew's Book The Reason you Walk

"Iskocēs Tipiskak shows how culture, hard work and the right community supports helped John Langan turn a challenging past into being an upstanding role model in the community. This book is a story that can help those who want to understand how to help Indigenous youth be all they can be."

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Wab (Wabanakwut) Kinew, Author of The Reason you Walk.

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