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"Iskocēs Tipiskak shows how culture, hard work and the right community supports helped John Langan turn a challenging past into being an upstanding role model in the community. This book is a story that can help those who want to understand how to help Indigenous youth be all they can be."

Wab (Wabanakwut) Kinew, Author of The Reason you Walk.


“John’s story will inspire you to become a better version of yourself. He shows you how to overcome life’s greatest challenges and obstacles...READ THIS BOOK TODAY!”

Kendal Netmaker, Motivational Speaker and Founder of Neechie Gear


“John Langan’s “Iskocēs Tipiskak” is a candid account of his upbringing and his journey into the military and policing. He openly shares what he has experienced and learned. He is a young man on a mission to bring his unique perspective to other Indigenous men and women who faces challenges and hopefully provide some of the tools they can use to overcome them.”

Ernie Louttit- Author of Indian Ernie, The Unexpected Cop, and Insights from the Streets.

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“John Langan offers a brave unflinching look at a First Nations family encumbered by dysfunction and trauma and freed by one family members commitment to truth.”

Dawn Dumont- Author of Nobody Cries at Bingo, Glass Beads, and Rose’s Run.



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This site will serve as a resource and a tool.  With this website, you can find useful information, discussions, photos, signed books, booking, and any other questions you may have.  
This website is useful information for cultural aspects of indigenous people.  Other cultures, indigenous people, educators, and basically anyone can add discussions to anything.

Note:  Information will be exclusive to my way of being raised. "No way is the right way" is the way I was raised, and to respect everyone's beliefs/practices/cultures. Any discussions can be slapped on the blog.



Well the book has launched. Everything is going fine. Busy, but spending time with my family.
I was given some hate today, which is totally understandable. It was expected. I tried reaching out to you, but the email was deleted. Read my blog for more info. 
Overall, it feels like a good dream with a bad part that tries to kill the feeling.
Enjoy the reading. Warning: the first 8 chapters are difficult, but changes into a more beautiful story. 
I raised my pipe today praying for good things for the readers.



John Langan is a Saulteaux/Cree indigenous man from Keeseekoose First Nation, Saskatchewan. A graduate of the Indigenous Justice and Criminology Program at the University of Saskatchewan. John continues to apply his skills to his now full time job as a police constable whilst still serving his country with the Canadian Armed Forces part time.  John's unique upbringing has helped him bring a unique perspectice to both his public service, and service to his country.  On top of everything, John continues to carry on his people's culture by practicing and continuing ceremony.

Iskocēs Tipiskak: A Spark in the Dark

Projected release date on July 21, 2021

In this extraordinary and inspiring debut memoir, John Langan, starts from the bottom in life, losing his father to suicide and step-dad to drugs.  John overcomes blatant racism, poverty, violence, alcohol, and a drug environment by holding his cultural identity close to him while still losing so much, but gaining life and love in the darkness keeping his spark burning for others in hopes of building a bigger fire.

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